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would legitimize the draconian NYC licensing process. ..
At one time, the high court upheld slavery. They have been wrong other times, as well.

The court will be looking at a very specific set of questions, and I fully expect a very specific ruling on them. After which, the anti-gun world will go on doing what ever the hell they feel like, and can get away with, same as before...

And, the High Court will NOT stop this, until/unless another case is brought to them, specific to it, and they both hear it, and rule in what we would consider our favor.

Simply put, the people who believe gun control, up to and including prohibition, is right, just, and a proper role of government will keep on doing what they do, until a court they recognize having jurisdiction tells them specifically, personally, individually, in small words, to stop doing it.

and even then, they might not...

This is the established historical pattern. If you expect a "sea change" in the state of gun control from this case, I think you are ...unrealistically hopeful.
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