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I’m looking for a setup to measure looseness in case gage (base to datum) and primer seating depth.
Reloaders do not want to exceed their ability to do' and or understand.

Not me: In the big inning Wilson suggested using a straight edge and then? they described the straight edge as a pocket rule. I suggested the straight edge' could be a flat surface. I also suggested using a feeler gage with the straight edge to determine case head protrusion on the case gage and! I made tools that incorporated the use of a dial indicator when determining case head protrusion with a flat surface.

Years ago I made a tool that measured the length of a case from the shoulder of the case to the head of the case as fast as picking up the tool and setting it down. I could say "as fast as a reloader can etc.." but there is a problem with getting reloaders to back away from the keyboard.

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