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Originally Posted by ChasHam View Post
There's clear societal benefit to preventing individuals who are likely to misuse firearms from owning one. That's why a first-time gun buyer needs to clear all those qualification hurdles.

But what benefit is there to investigating a person for his second or subsequent purchase? If he was going to do wrong with a gun-- he's already got one!

Heck, if you can show the guy behind the gun shop counter your well-maintained trusty old whatever, all you should need to buy another gun is your American Express card!

Here is a fun fact...

Hate speech laws in places like the UK are now being used to prosecute more left leaning individuals who wanted them imposed in the first place. Which is irony if I’ve ever heard it. This is what I know about the government. NEVER vote for them to have more power or more money. Once you give it to will NOT get it back. Period. The government loves to do things like spend every cent in their budget to request more money the next fiscal year. Could you imagine if a private company did that?

My point? If the societal benefit is to keep guns out of the hands of the unfit...let’s find out who is unfit. Due process matters. If I can’t trust you to hold a gun? I don’t want you out and about in free society anyway. If you can’t grasp the PAINFULLY simple concept that MURDER IS WRONG? Why should you be walking free?

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