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There's clear societal benefit to preventing individuals who are likely to misuse firearms from owning one.
Of course! but there is also this...
There's clear societal benefit to preventing individuals with defective genes from reproducing.

There's clear societal benefit to..... (insert your favorite cause here)...

There's clear societal benefit to....removing the untermenschen from our society...

of course, I skipped a lot, but this is where it winds up, whomever is the ruling class decides what "societal benefits" are needful, and what methods are to be used to carry them out.

Some of the most extreme "benefits to society" we disallow, on moral or ethical, and occasionally legal grounds.

We have fought wars, spend billions upon billions of dollars and more importantly millions upon millions of lives to prevent some one else's vison of what is beneficial to society from being forced upon us.

Sure, it is beneficial to society to keep those intent on doing harm from the means to do so. Fine. Now, HOW do you that??

And, more importantly, how do you do that without stomping on the rights of EVERYONE who is not "intent on doing harm"? You can't.

The best we can do, and what we have historically done is to punish those who COMMIT harm. In other words we cannot, and should not act on what we THINK their intentions are, absent an overt act proving their intent.

Unfortunately that isn't how gun control laws work. And that it the main reason so many of us are so put out with them. Guilty until "proven" innocent. Not the way the rest of our system works and its not the way we have all been taught our system is supposed to work.

Which is a point I have made often before, according to what we are all told, that gun control (background checks and all the rest) is to prevent people who shouldn't have weapons from having weapons. But the only way to do that is to prevent ALL people from having weapons, and that itself doesn't do anything other than reduce us all to the rule of the law of the jungle.

So, yes, I agree that any background check on a person who already has a gun is barking stupid, according to the stated purpose of the laws.
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