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Originally Posted by ChasHam
There's clear societal benefit to preventing individuals who are likely to misuse firearms from owning one. That's why a first-time gun buyer needs to clear all those qualification hurdles.
This sounds suspiciously like what the courts refer to as "interest balancing," which is not supposed to apply to the fundamental rights guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

Once you establish a system to "prevent individuals who are likely to misuse firearms" from owning them, you have a system that is ripe for abuse. Who decides who is and who isn't "likely" to misuse a firearm? What qualifications do the deciders have? What are the specific determining factors to be used in making the determination? If someone is turned down once, at an early age, is he/she barred for life even if the rejection was due to a temporary situation that was years ago?

I am not willing to accept that your opening statement is in synch with the intent of the 2nd Amendment.

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