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1960 Centennial Arms .44 Belgian "Colt"

Everyone who answered this thread. My first 1860 Army percussion revolver was a Centennial arms revolver. I never thought of it as an actual Colt as it was made in Belgium. I always thought of it as a replica even though I was aware of the 19th Century ties to Colt Patent Firearms Co. I bought it in the early to mid 60's. It's gone, now, in some fantastic trade I made for something else.
It must have been late 1998 I was at a gun show in Green Bay Wisconsin (one was held there on New Years eve).
A fellow was carrying around a beat up Centennial asking people if they new what it was and what it was worth. I bought it from him for $75. Guess I bought it because I hadn't seen one years. This gun still functions and I still am able to shoot it. There is some information on the Centennial Arms 1960 at
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