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FWIW: These "replicas" were made in Belgium between 1960 and the 1970s, sold as "Centaur", see centaur symbol on left side of the frame were you would find the patents on a Colt pistol.
The story goes that they are actually manufactured under a Colt license obtained during the 19th century. If that can be confirmed they would be no replicas but should be termed re-issue pistols.
Specs are as close as you can get to an original Colt 1860 army, with slick actions, unless you are having one of the late production runs from the 1970s when quality was kind of varying to put it mildly.
The Centaurs were mostly made of carbon steel with 8" barrel, rebated cylinder without engraving, 3 screw frame cut for shoulder stock. I have seen fully blued ones but also a few with case colored frames/loading levers. You could purchase them with a second cylinder sporting a unique Centaur naval engraving. Few were made with a fully fluted cylinder and/or with 5" barrel, so called Marshall models. Fewer were made from stainless steel. Grips were (European?) dark (walnut?) wood of the correct one-piece kind, either varnished or oiled.
Factory engraved models with and without cold inlays could be had.
The centaurs are thought after collector pistols in Europe.
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