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This may be basic and obvious, but it seems relevant.

While Hodgdon does market their "extreme" line that is intended to address this issue directly, it's been a long known fact that most all loads will, if anything, run higher pressure in warm situations.

Or to put that another way... if you develop a load to run the very ragged edge of sanity and you do all your work in cool weather -- that load may go well over the red line and do NASTY things if you bring out on a 95 degree day.

On the flipside, if you develop a load that runs the ragged edge of sanity and you do all your development and testing on a 95 degree day, then you (theoretically, of course! ) should be safe to shoot that load (in that gun) all year long as long as your temperatures tend to be a little less extreme.

Of course, take that load to the desert and you could be asking for trouble.
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