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In shouldered/ necked rifle brass I love Varget (20" .223, 22" .338 Federal). I have tested Varget in both calibers down to -30dF and still have angle of critter at 200meters without moving my scope from zero at +70dF.

This winter I have tested three pistol powders in .45Colt down to -42dF. Each of Universal Clays, HS-6 and TiteGroup did great, though lubing cast bullets below 0dF gets into some pretty runny stuff.

I think Universal Clays was starting to run out of snot at -40dF, but I only hunt down to -30dF (for very hort periods) anyway, so the -40dF datapoint was just a confirmation of the data I already had.

All four did fine with regular primers. I did fool a little bit with SRM primers in .223 with Varget, but it wasn't necessary. All did fine with leaving the reloaded ammunition in my truck bed for a few days before testing, running warm from the house ammunition in a cold firearm (I have a locking tool box in my truckbed), and all four did fine with both the firearm and ammunition cold soaked outdoors.

FWIW the only pistol powder I know of with temperature issues is H-110. I didn't believe all the reading on the internet until it happened to me too.
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