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SKS accuracy is plenty capable, usually on par or better than most AK's except the top end brands i.e. Arsenal etc.

In the current price point of SKS, they are still very much worth it. Their prices is starting to go up--which kinda followed the trend of where AK's used to be.

AK47's used to be in the $250-300 range, now they are around $500+ for a good starter AK. We will probably see the SKS follow suit in the next few years. The cheapest AK's I've seen are around $269 IIRC from Classic Firearms. Locally they are well above $400 in my area.

Don't overlook the Chinese and Yugo models also. The Chinese SKS's have chrome lined bores which is a big plus. Yugo's have flash hiders and grenade laucher features which are neat IMO.

Russians of course are worth every penny esp if you can find all matching #'s.

I just picked up another Chinese SKS from a LGS in my area. I did overpay a little (over $400) but it had all matching parts and in original condition with shiny bore and very nice wood.

Good luck in your search!

Eta: If SKS's are going up in price now, Mosin's will soon follow suit. Buy them both while they are relatively cheap!
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