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SKS is a better battle rifle, for it's era, than the Mosin was for it's era. States otherwise, the SKS is better among its peers than the Mosin was among its peers.

I love the Mosin, but recognize that it was nowhere near the best bolt guns made in the era (behind the 1903, 1917 Eddystone, Mausers, K31...). The real merit of the Mosin is the affordability. The SKS, however, is still quite relevant by todays semi-auto standards (not saying the Mosin is irrelevant, to be clear), and is worth more than current prices demonstrate. The SKS is barely behind modern semi-auto battle rifles like the AR and AK variants, FAL, PTR91, M1s, etc.

Get one. They're still very reasonably well priced, but you missed out on the bargain basement prices. In the '90s they were $50. In the early 2000's they were $150-200. But even at $400, current prices, they are a good deal.

I've extensive experience with the SKS. They are reliable, accurate, well-balanced, and great rifles. I can ring a 18" gong reliably from 200 yards. with open sights. You can probably expect somewhere around 4-8 MOA from a SKS with surplus ammo. There is perhaps a drawback... if you like detachable mags that is a real trick. My advice, leave the box mag in the weapon, and get used to stripper clips. If you must have a detachable mags, you can find a D model, which uses AK mags as designed. Avoid aftermarket detachable mags as they rarely work. If you youtube how to use stripper clips, they can be as effectively fast as mag changes, and stripper clips are much lighter to carry (you can carry more ammo for the same weight vs in magazines).

Also I've read they are prone to slamfire due to the design of the firing pin. So be careful.

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