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Kind of a flawed question in itself.
What do you define as good accuracy?
My 700 shoots 1.25moa any day of the week. You'll find a whole crowd on here who thinks that is abysmally poor.
My WASR10 Ak shoots 3.5moa any day of the week.
With my highly tuned handloads I've gotten it down too 2 and a bit moa.
My Yugo sks will hit everytime on a 12" plate at 150 yards if you do the effort. Looks to be about the same MOA as the AK maybe a bit worse.
My Yugo M76 (8mm Mauser DMR Rifle) shoots 1.5-2.25moa depending on the # of rounds fired.
My point is get the proper rifle for your intended use.

If accuracy is what you want buy a ruger american, or savage axis bolt gun and spend $200 on a decent scope get it in 223 or 308 for the availability of inexpensive surplus ammo.
If collectiblity is your concern choose either. Both the AK and SKS have a long history. Just FYI don't be an idiot and buy an sks too turn it into an AK. Those detachable mags are a joke, and the rear receiver scope mount is pretty pathetic. The companies that make those products have survived on noobs who ignore more experienced peoples advice who have tried them and threw them in the trash because the irons did better.

If you want both accuracy and military history buy an AR.

Performance wise the sks (yugo) will shoot 110fps faster than my AK with the same ammo. Shut off the gas valve and it's about 175fps faster.
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