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My 'What the ...?' moment for the day...

Also known as 'Always...ALWAYS, wear eye protection...'

I was shooting steel at my local range about two weeks ago, when I got beaned just at the upper inside edge of my left brow. Hard. I thought I'd been hit by the entire bullet from the force, and the nice 'thwack!' I felt (heard?)... To say I was relieved that I was wearing glasses is an understatement.

I thought it was the entire bullet. Felt like it, anyway. I was wrong. I know I was wrong because I just used a pair of needle nose tweezers to pull this out of my head!

Definitely served to reinforce my belief in protecting my vision. A little lower, sans eyewear, and know. Hello ER, goodbye eye...

Just thought I'd share in case anyone needed a reminder...
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