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I make no claims to being a great pistolero, and I am increasing my years (thankfully) but my handgun buying and shooting trend definitely bucks the future. Revolvers are slowly all but dying out. Nevertheless, these days I have fewer semi-autos than ever and even shoot my double-action revolvers much less. I use and shoot single-action revolvers almost exclusively except when it comes to light self defense snubbies and pistols. I know my choices are archaic and celebrate the fact. I have nothing at all against semi-autos or polymer-framed handguns. It's just that I have too little time left on this earth to waste it on things that hold little interest for me and taking that time from things that do. So, I make what I like to shoot work for my defense, rather than make my choices based solely on my defense. If I'm going to protect my life, I want the life I protect to be the one I want to live and not be completely driven by events or trends or fear. I'd rather be skilled with an archaic weapon than merely somewhat competent with a more modern weapon I don't enjoy using. I would never expect someone else to follow that line of reasoning.

“And yet, he threw the seed anyway. He reached deep into the bag and threw the seed all over the place because he knew some of it would grow.”
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