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I have never had a service rifle that shot as well as my Savage bolt action .308.

I have a Savage model 10FP Law enforcement model that is over 2 years old.
The current version of the same rifle is the 10 FCP-K.
The accuracy of my rifle hasn't suffered after over 4000 rounds and I think the 10 FCP-K might shoot even better than mine, based upon a small sample shooting the FCP-K my son just bought.

I have 2 M1 Garands, a M1A Springfield, a 1903 Springfield, and also have tuned a .303 Enfield for a range buddy, so I have shot quite a few service rifles. They are great rifles, are fun to shoot, and have the advantage of being a bit of history.

But, the service rifles can't shoot anywhere near as accurately as my Savage bolt action.
The Savage averages under 0.5 inches at 100 yards with 25 different hand loads measured over 188 groups. The service rifles are all in the 1.5-2.0 MOA mark, at best, with the M1A getting around 1 MOA with a couple of ammo types (it is a national match version).

The Savage cost $700 and hasn't been modified.
The M1A cost about $1800.
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