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I know that not just anyone can have a silencer, you have to have a certain license for it etc.

But aside from that, i don't know much about them in general as far as legality goes.

What i heard was that in order for it to be classified as a "silencer" it has to quiet the bang to or below a certain DB.

so, i'm wondering if there are (((for no other reason than pure curiosity))).. well.. for lack of a better word "mufflers" ... that "muffle" the noise rather than "silence" it, that are legal. or are maybe barrel extenders that look like silencers that don't actually silence.

yah yah, granted, if you got pulled over and a cop saw it, he wouldn't believe you if you said "NO officer, it's not a silencer, it's a muffler.. it doesn't quiet it to the legally required DB for it to be classified as a muffler"

"OH.. carry on then"

whatever though, the question is still valid.

thanks for answering
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