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PWK-The "Problem" you describe is not at all IS easier for a right-handed shooter to break targets from the "low house" than to break targets from the "high house"...its because the right-to-left swing is MORE NATURAL for a right-handed shooter AND you are moving the gun INTO your body, which tends to STRENGTHEN or REINFORCE the cheek weld(cheek-to-stock contact),as opposed to the left-to-right shot(on high-house targets) where you are moving the gun AWAY from your body and face. One of the "Cardinal Sins" in shotgunning is lifting the head...this will cause the shooter to shoot OVER the target EVERY TIME!!! This is because the EYE is the TRUE "rear sight" of the shotgun...elevate the "rear sight"(the eye) and the shot goes...high...OVER the intended target!!! The "Cure" is relatively simple...FIRST, ensure that your FOOT POSITION on the high-house targets is "pointed" far enough around to the right so that you can "follow through" COMPLETELY after you fire at the high house target...this will help ensure that the gun doesn't come "AWAY" from your face. The second thing you can do is to WORK at keeping your head FIRMLY on the stock AND keep the gun moving AFTER the shot is fired...this is referred to by clay target shooters as "staying in the gun"....Give it a try...and let us know if this helps....mikey357
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