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An issue with cannelures is they are usually placed with a specific cartridge in mind and can be unreasonable locations in some other rounds, jamming the lands. For a .224" inch bullet, though, the 223 Remington was probably what it was located for, based on the SAAMI chamber profile and freebore length. You can email Hornady and ask. If your chamber is one of the several variations with a longer freebore (5.56 chamber, a Wylde chamber, or the manufacturer just decided to make it longer than standard) you can seat out as far as you want for single-loading. If you are feeding from a magazine, you don't want chambering to tip the bullet in the case on its way into the chamber, so you probably want at least ⅔ of a caliber of the bullet's bearing surface below the level of the case mouth, and possibly a little more.
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