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I was just looking at a place yesterday but don't recall where it was. I tried inexpensive ink and didn't go all that well. Ran out of ink and no clue it happened till photo's started coming out bad. The tanks you get sound expensive but they really aren't. The multi color tanks are expensive as one color runs out and you throw what's left in the other colors out as well. I have a Canon 9000 mk II and it come's with individual tanks, most inexpensive way to go. I also have a Canon iP100 with a black tank and three color tank. Ink is only expensive until you see how far a tank really goes. Printer can be had for next to nothing, certainly the expect to make money on the ink but gotta wonder. If someone was to print only target's and then use only black ink, how much could they really make? You can get a printer for target's for around $50, look in the Bi Mart or Walmart type store.

I have made my own target's for years, always figured store bought were a waste of money. Recently I found on Mossberg's site they have free target's to print out that aren't to bad. Printed up a few of each. The aiming point on them is to small to shoot a couple of my rifles but I got a package of those stick on orange dot in 2" to stick on and problem solved.
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