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Cool the animal out as quickly as possible.
Clean immediately.
Skin ASAP.
Hang in a cool place.
Keep hair and dirt off meat.
Cut through as little bone marrow as possible.
Bone out the meat, saves space and improves flavor.
Remove and discard all fat. Fat and marrow make for gamey meat.
Double wrap steak pieces and freeze whole. Will keep much longer. Easy to slice perfect steaks while half thawed out.
does cool it out mean something else than cool down? it must be allowed to cool down gradually

if you skin it below zero and hang it below zero your meat will be chewy as hell, the freezing tences up the muscle fibres.

we often gut it in the field if the weather allows but during winter we will bring it back to our slaughterhouse (if it isn't shot up too much)

Wipe out the insides, if it is shoot up to much use a natural desinfective agent my mum makes some concontion of vinegar and i dunno her secret recipe :P, never wash with water unless you are in a sterile enviroment, water is moisture that bacteria likes.

Skin it above zero to further help the processing, after all the skin/fur is its natural barrier

I recommend vacuum sealing meat to, thinks it helps with tenderizing it
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