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A couple things:

IMHO, the biggest mistake a new CCW person can make is to slap on a huge gun and expect to be carrying it everywhere. In most cases, they end up leaving it home.

I like revolvers too, and got hooked when I tried a Ruger LCR out. Now THAT is a gun you can EASILY take places. I just loved the thing.

If you are really stuck on the .45, and want high capacity, then I highly recommend the Taurus PT-145. It will give you 11 rounds of .45 ACP in a small package (Yes, believe it or not). It's proven very popular, and reliable for many shooters. CAVEAT: IT IS INEXPENSIVE AT $360! Yes, I know Taurus gets a bad rap, and sometimes deservedly so, but the PT-145 gets high ratings, has had the bugs worked out of it, and is just a great gun. Load it with some Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel and you're good to go.

There is also a PT-745 version that is identical but with a slimmer grip and a 7 shot capacity. I would get the PT-145, as most people say they can't feel the difference in width when carrying.

Lastly, I don't recommend the .357 sig unless you are a highway patrolman. That thing is just too freakin' loud, and the sound pressure volumes will blow out your ears indoors if you ever have to use it... far louder than many other calibers. Of course, there will be some computer jockey who will tell you you won't care if you actually have to defend your life, but I wouldn't want to end up deaf or with a constant ring in my ears for the rest of my life if there are other equal options that can save my ears.

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