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One one thing I found to be the 25-06 it has many accuracy sweet spot in its charging's. Quite similar to the outstanding 270 win in accuracy but capable of much higher velocities if wanting.

Just my opinion.
Being a firm believer any bullet caliber lesser than 30 cal if it can't churn up 3200 fps at muzzle it isn't worth the effort to tote it afield. As no matter how good the shot was placed no matter the distance. There's a better than even chance its shooter will have to walk a unexpected distance to retrieve his quarry.

25-06 100 gr. 57.3_gr {barely bumping} 3500 fps at muzzle.
270 win 130 gr. 57.0_gr 3200 fps at muzzle.
In some circles of shooters the 25-06's reputation "a poor mans 257 Weatherby"
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