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Originally Posted by Hawg View Post
If both charges ignite simultaneously you might have a problem. If the rear charge ignites first you will have a problem.
I have been thinking of these scenarios.. In theory if an ignition would occur simultaneously the biggest issue may be that the recoil of the front load prevents the rear load from pushing the rear ball forward, and therefore making an extreme peak in pressure in the rear chamber until the front ball has left the muzzle.

If only the rear charge is ignited, it should basically be like firing of a double ball load, the only difference between an ordinary double ball load is that there is some gunpowder in-between the balls which doesn’t make that much of a difference regarding the weight anyway. So if the barrel can handle two balls (which shouldn’t be taken for granted either) it should be able to handle this scenario too, shouldn’t it? The issue I could think of is that, since there is gunpowder in-between the balls, when the rear charge is ignited it will initially propell the rear ball forward and therefore compressing the gunpowder of the front charge then it will smash into the front ball which will make a sudden change in the pressure curve, so that the front ball will basically act like a squib load.

But what do I know, it’s all speculations.
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