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Originally Posted by hammie View Post
I love how you "rotate" your hunting guns. Years ago, when I was hunting, I did the same thing. (At 73, I've given up hunting.) I still rotate my nightstand guns, though.

Anyway when I used a .257 Roberts on mule deer, I favored the speer grand slam. It grouped better than the partitions, and was much cheaper. The only downside is a lower ballistic coefficient than other bullet styles. The 120 grain grand slam has a B.C. of 0.328. Extrapolating from a table, that means at a 200 yard zero, the drop is about 8 inches at 300 yds, and about 2 feet at 400 yards. Don't know if you want to live with that?
I can live with the drop. I am wondering if the Grand Slam is still a tough bullet. I used to love them in 7mm, but I read somewhere that Speer changed them so they could make them much cheaper and in doing so made them a much lower quality bullet. Not sure if thats true.
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