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Perhaps one of our legal professionals can help lend an authoritative hand guiding this. Like it or not - this whole thing is getting uglier by the second.
Not a legal scholar or professional, so my opinion with worth what you pay for it...

Seems pretty straight forward, to me. It's a listing of restrictions, things the Fed CANNOT DO.

Am guessing this came about as part of the backlash from what the govt did during Katrina, and with the intent of preventing a recurrence.

That's NOT ugly, that's a good idea.

The down side is that this covers FEDERAL agents and employees and not state or local actors. Some places have similar laws for their people, other places still do not.

Temporary suspension of civil rights, and liberty, within certain guidelines is allowed under law during declared emergencies. Because some people have, and will try to go too far, we need laws like this one to put blocks in their path, and hopefully keep them focused on where they NEED to go, and not go where they WANT, just because they can and have emergency power to do it with.

There are people who, when given the power will use it (and waste resources) for their personal agendas and NOT for needed helpful things.

That is what we have to watch for, and as much as possible, guard against.
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