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Ballistol; Serves me well, however ??

Has anyone tried adding something to Ballistol to make it smell better or smell less? Any alternatives?
Ballistol serves me well and it looks like most folks are only taking exception, to the smell. If so, then don't use it; plain water works well. …..

Ballistol, has cleaning/preservative properties that I have not been able to equal with other products. Here is my use of Ballistol;
1) I only use it on my ML's and nothing else.
2) I mix it 50/50 with mineral spirits and does reduce the smell
3) I Only spray is in the field and let the M/L sit for a day or two.
4) On the bench, I dip a Q-Tip from a closed bottle Or dampen a patch.
5) Mixing it with water, does not reduce the smell. Save water for drinking?

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