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Originally Posted by JERRYS. View Post
I don't remember nor do I keep up with it's particulars, as I haven't lived there in 15 years... but when election time came around I voted every time. that can't be what happened the last few cycles. the state lost the house of reps, then the governor's mansion, then the state senate to the democrats, back to back to back. the won't happen here crowd now has ptsd.
None of this is correct.

Virginia has elected a Democratic governor the past two times -- in 2017 (Northam) and 2013 (McAuliffe). In fact, Democrats have held the governorship for four of the past five terms and seven of the past 10, which goes back almost 40 years.

The House of Delegates has been controlled by Republicans since 1999 and didn't flip until 2019.

The Senate has also been controlled by Republicans since 1999 with two exceptions: 2007-10 was Democratic and 2011-14 was evenly split, then the Senate went back to Republicans in 2015.
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