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Guy's Mike Venturino's formula for black powder cleaner is this :

1 - 22 oz. bottle Windex w/ Vinegar (it's clear in color)
1 - 1 gallon , clean , empty plastic jug with screw on cap.
Water as needed.

Pour the Windex Vinegar into the gallon jug and fill with water...shake a couple times to mix . Do not use Windex with ammonia in it (not sure why)

SC Johnson still makes the clear Windex w/ Vinegar , our wally mart stocks it sometimes but you can order it through wally mart and pick it up at the store shipping charge .

This is the original version ...seems most people forget about the water and use it full strength . That's not correct .
I pour some back in the spay bottle and use it to spray on the outside to clean off BP grunge . doesn't have that funky wet dog smell either ! Mixed with water it has very little smell .
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