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When company commander Obertleutnant Schmelter left because of an injury, he was replaced by Oberleutnant H. A very unpopular man he once told his men,

"If one of you is wounded, I don't want to hear any wailing or crying. Clench your teeth and show that you are are man!" We veterans thought: 'You arsehole! We'll see how you cry out when you get one.'
Now that day had come and I hear Gefreiter (pfc) Ludolf Vizelberg shout loudly, 'Ha, ha, Kameraden, hear how he squeals. He should clench his teeth.' The Oberleutnant hd a fairly severe injury to the upper arm. A splinter had torn out a piece of muscle the size of a fist. Naturally that was very painful, as one can imagine, but he should not have talked big. Later the Company received post from him from a hospital at Konigstein/Taunus. He actually requested that our Speiss (command sergeant major) should send him cognac, cigars, and cigarettes from our canteen store. When the Speiss showed me the letter, I told him, "let me handle it, Oskar, I'll pack it for him.' Then with delight I wrapped some Russian Machorka (nasty cheap Russian tobacco issued to the Russian soldiers) tobacco in a sweaty stock with a small bottle of vodka. 'With best wishes for your recovery but if possible not your return.' It does not sound very friendly, but he deserved nothing better. End!
From Rehfeld's Mortar Gunner On the Eastern Front, Vol. II, pgs 143-4.

(Been doing research on WW II sniping)
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