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Originally Posted by dogtown tom
Wait a minute....YOU are the one that claimed one had to be an enrolled member of a tribe in order to claim Native American, that is simply not correct.
No. The instructions say you have to either "maintain a tribal affiliation" OR "[maintain] a [tribal] community association." I said I think "tribal association" means being enrolled in a tribe. You said I am wrong, but you haven't cited anything to demonstrate that I'm wrong, or what lesser "affiliation" constitutes "tribal affiliation."

The instruction also says "or community association." So maintaining a [tribal] community] association is an acceptable substitute for "tribal affiliation" (whatever that means) ... but there is also no definition or explanation of what constitutes "community association."

Those words are right there in the instructions, and they apply ONLY to Native Americans ("American Indians") and Alaskan Natives, not to any other several other racial categories. So the government must have had some reason for putting those words there, but they haven't told us what those words mean. I have stated what I think "tribal affiliation" means. I have also stated that I have no idea what "community association" means. I did NOT say that one must satisfy both criteria; "or" means "or," not "and."

Originally Posted by dogtown tom
I've pointed out what the passage in the 4473 says....and it sure as heck doesn't say one must be an enrolled member of a tribe to claim Native American.
You say I'm wrong as to what "tribal affiliation" means. What does it mean, and what government source says that your definition is correct and that mine is incorrect?

We agree on what the form's instructions say. Agreed, the form does not say "enrolled member." The form does say "maintain tribal affiliation," and it does not define what "tribal affiliation" means. Since you are so certain that it doesn't mean enrollment in a tribe -- what does it mean, and what's the authority for your definition?
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