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Originally Posted by thallub View Post
They don't control the 100 seats in the VA House of Representatives or the 40 seats of the VA Senate.

A political party cannot control the VA legislature by failing to contest 40 seats in the VA legislature, just can't be done.

The 2017 legislative elections in VA were blowback from the election of Trump. The Democrats flipped 15 seats of the VA House. As a result of the 2017 election the Republican party abandoned Virginia. These two events set the stage for the 2019 election.

Yep, some folks on these boards would start a civil war because their political party lost an election. To them i say this: Jump right out there and start your civil war, don't be surprised when you have few, if any, followers.

As for me, i lost too many relatives on the losing side of the last civil war.
Copy to davidsog..wasn't about the President Obama DOJ not gerrymandering.

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