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That makes me wonder if you are the only hunter in MS left who still uses a muzzleloader. I swapped mine for a .35 Whelen Encore the first time I could.
I should have said when I hunted since I'm no longer able to but yeah I probably was. I even hunted with it during regular gun season more often than not.

Personally, a couple of dry patches through the bore followed by a couple of snapped caps always seems to work just fine for me to prepare for a shoot, or a hunt for that matter. During a hunting season, especially when my rifle might be left loaded for a few days, I'd just as soon not leave burnt powder fouling in the breach, and that's just my take on it. I also don't care to leave a m.l. loaded for too very long.
I just dumped a little powder out of the horn without measuring it and fired it off. Loaded it up and hit the woods. If I didn't fire it I didn't worry about it. I've left guns uncleaned for over a week after firing real bp and Pyrodex with no rust or corrosion. Leaving a clean gun loaded isn't a problem. They can be loaded for years and years with no issues. I have a CVA Hawken that was given to me. The man that owned it hadn't used it in about 12 years. It was loaded with 90 grains of Pyrodex(going by what his measure was set at)and a conical. One cap, one trigger pull and that conical was gone with plenty of authority.
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