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Lube on bullet

I just finished reading the book "The Story of Colt's Revolver" by William B. Edwards. This is a biography of Colt. Colt received patent 16716 from 1857
which is an oiler attached to the fire arm barrel that would lubricate the projectiles as you loaded them in the cylinder. First paragragh.

Quote: Be it known that I, Samuel Colt of Hartford, in the State of Connecticut, have invented a certain new and useful method of preventing balls from fouling the barrels of rifles and other fire arms and facilitating the passage of the balls through barrels in the discharge.

So it seems Colt knew back then that unlubed balls caused fouling problems. The whole patent is 2 pages long with an attached drawing.

Wife gave me this book for Christmas and is filled with letters,patents and pictures of model pistols.
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