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Wandering around the web, I have seen the Oath Keepers have gone to Va and are recruiting political as well as tactical instructors.

There is also a lot of DISINFORMATION fanning the fires, on both sides. I received a message from a relative to forward it out. Once I looked at it, I realized someone had put together pictures from totally unrelated events to look like there was military being geared up in Va. to be used against the 2nd amendment supporters there.
Lies, conspiracy theories and misinformation about Democrats’ proposed gun control bills have circulated widely, prompting outrage and threats of violence against Democratic politicians.

Lee Carter, Virginia’s only socialist state legislator, has been the target of multiple death threats over a bill pro-gun activists misinterpreted as an infringement on their rights.

Speaking to the Guardian about the threats, Carter said there had been frequent mentions of Monday’s pro-gun protest. “A lot of people [have been] saying, ‘We’re going to kick off the second American civil war,” he said. “This guy is going to be the first one to die. Make sure you show up armed.”
Gonna be 'interesting'..this demonstration today.

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