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In any case.the bottom line is its bad law It should have never been passed into law,and the Governor should have never signed it.
A number of Sheriffs did all they could to advise it was bad law,they were ignored.

This case is n my county. My city. The judge accepted the woman's testimony she shares a child with the officer. Its sold evidence of an abuse that was predicted. The law would be used for vendetta purposes. In fact,it has,in the first 10 days or so of it being in effect.

Fortunately, the Larimer County Sheriff has the integrity to refuse to play along.

There is another example f a failure of this law in the local news. A 32 yr old person who was threatening mass shootings. and revealed his thoughts to his father. The father reported it.

So far,so good. The Sheriff went for a 72 hour mental health hold. This Red Flag law lacks mental health hold provisions.Its not about mental health.
Its about seizing guns.
I'll find and post a link to the story I don't want to get it wrong.Bottom line,the 72 hour mental health hold has enough holes in it it was not useful.

IMO,its the person with the will to kill who needs to be addressed,not the gun. Maybe its a mental health issue before its a criminal issue.

Provisions for addressing the mental health issue before a crime is committed are lacking.

Correcting the mental health hold shortcomings can protect not only the potential victims,but the troubled person who ,with intervention.might not ever harm anyone,....

Colorado's Red Flag law does not address this

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