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2. You leave the person deemed to be A THREAT TO THEMSELVES OR OTHERS alone in their home with their pills, rope, knives, machetes, chainsaws, pressure cookers, trucks, cans of gasoline etc.
Problem is that stuff is relatively seldom used by males to murder wives/former wives, domestic partners and former domestic partners.

Oklahoma has one of the worst records in the US for violence against women:

2016 deaths

A total of 95 victims were killed in domestic violence-related homicides in 2016 in Oklahoma, according to the fatality review board. The youngest victim was a newborn. The oldest victim was 78.

More than half of the victims were killed with a firearm.

The situation on Oklahoma is so critical that local, county, and state law enforcement agencies have teamed up with federal prosecutors in charging those who are subject to restraining orders and own firearms with federal offenses.
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