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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts
However, Colorado also allows “anyone related to the respondent by blood, marriage, or adoption; anyone who has produced a child with the respondent; and current or former spouses, domestic partners, girlfriends, boyfriends, and housemates.” to file red flag petition, ehich is also very broad.
It's the broadness of who can request these red flag orders that scares me as much as, maybe more than, the Topsy-turvy nature of the [alleged] due process the laws purport to provide. It makes me glad I'm a senior citizen and no longer interested in the dating scene because, IMHO, you'd have to be crazy to get involved with any sort of significant other OR to "hook up" if you're in a state with a red flag law. The potential for abuse is overwhelming -- and the proponents of the laws blithely assure us that "it can't happen."
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