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Originally Posted by Corneileous
But speaking of magazine restrictions, when they say either 10 round or in the case of Colorado with their 15 round limit, are they just talking about the magazine, or what’s loaded into the pistol?
Once again, it's best to read the actual law. The section immediately preceding the part I quoted above has the definition:

18-12-301. Definitions
As used in this part 3, unless the context otherwise requires:
(1) "Bureau" means the Colorado bureau of investigation created and existing pursuant to section 24-33.5-401, C.R.S.
(a) "Large-capacity magazine" means:
(I) A fixed or detachable magazine, box, drum, feed strip, or similar device capable of accepting, or that is designed to be readily converted to accept, more than fifteen rounds of ammunition;
(II) A fixed, tubular shotgun magazine that holds more than twenty-eight inches of shotgun shells, including any extension device that is attached to the magazine and holds additional shotgun shells; or
(III) A nontubular, detachable magazine, box, drum, feed strip, or similardevice that is capable of accepting more than eight shotgun shells when combined with a fixed magazine.
(b) "Large-capacity magazine" does not mean:
(I) A feeding device that has been permanently altered so that it cannot accommodate more than fifteen rounds of ammunition;
(II) An attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition; or
(III) A tubular magazine that is contained in a lever-action firearm.
It seems pretty clear that, since the first definition is of a removable box or drum magazine, the fifteen round limit applies to the magazine, not to the magazine plus the chamber.
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