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Originally Posted by corneileous
I would think that once you’re in Colorado under Colorado’s laws that you’d have to abide by their magazine restriction.
He does have to abide by Colorado's magazine restriction. That's why he asked the question.

The key point is that he has to abide by Colorado law, so what does the law actually prohibit? Does it prohibit the possession of any magazine with a capacity greater than 15, or is there a grandfather cause? From the responses given, it appears that there is a grandfather clause, which means that the law does not automatically prohibit possession of all 15+ round magazines, across the board.

An interesting question is how (or if) the law would apply to a resident of a state that has no magazine restriction who is visiting or passing through Colorado. If the visitor has a 15+ round magazine that was purchased after the July 1, 2013, cutoff date ... is that magazine legal in Colorado or not? The answer would depend on eactly how the law is worded. The person obtained the magazine legally in his/her home state and possesses it legally in his/her home state. If the text cited above is the actual text of the law:

After July 1, 2013, magazines holding more than 15 rounds may not be sold, transferred, or possessed unless they were lawfully owned prior to July 1, 2013.
then my not-a-lawyer opinion is that the magazines are not legal in Colorado because they were not "lawfully owned prior to July 1, 2013."

Do you know when your magazines were purchased?
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