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At what distances and what do you handgun hunt, mxsailor803 and NoSecondBest? I want to hunt someday with my 629, so I'm looking for advice.
I've shot over fifty whitetail deer with the .357mag in various revolvers and I've shot another dozen or so with the 44mag and a few with a TC Contender in 30-30, 7TCU, and .357mag. Almost all of those deer were shot under fifty yards and most at around twenty-five to thirty yards. My closest shot was directly under my stand at around ten feet and my longest shot was 167 measured yards. The distance you shoot is dependent upon the gun you're using, how well you can reliably hit at known distances, and whether or not you are shooting off-hand or have some type of rest. As a general rule, only shoot at distances you can reliably keep five shots inside a six inch circle. That is about what I tell everyone with both a handgun and a bow. If you want to be a handgun hunter, plan on spending a lot of time practicing...just like you would shooting a bow. A handgun is very effective as long as you place the shot in the vitals when you shoot. I've only ever lost one deer with the handgun, and it was shot with a full power 44mag load. I simply made a bad shot. It can happen no matter how much you try to avoid it. Just remember, it's not muzzle energy or bullet diameter that kills with a handgun, it's a well placed shot. Good luck if you get into it, it's a lot of fun.
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