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Absolutely. I’m a handgun hunter so it’s much more difficult than using a rifle with optic that’s zeroed. Should you practice with your hunting rifle? Absolutely. I don’t practice with my rifle nearly as much as I do with my pistol. I’ve also been using the same rifle since 1999. The practicing with my handgun was pushed by my dad. He knew I was into pistol hunting and we had just got done checking zero on our rifles at our 100yds range. My dad looks at me and says “you’re confident with that pistol, let’s see what you can do at the rifle range”. I’m like “oh crap” I had never considered trying a handgun shot that far. He sets up a paper plate and I was able to put all 6 rounds from my 629 .44mag on the plate. I was shocked. 4 cylinders later, I was able to cover all 6 rounds with my hand. It paid off that evening. I’m in one of our box blinds and a 7 point walks out at 75yds. I took the shot and dropped him. It was my official longest and biggest kill I have ever made with a pistol. So yes, practice does matter.
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