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CYA with an FFL

I called a FFL in the recipients state and they didn't know a thing about it.
That is pretty sad and we do not need FFL dealers like this and though rare, they are still there. ….

By your post/question, you are trying to do the right thing. Once you have documented the recipient's FFL, Go to your FFL and he will take care of the transfer. There will be some charges but you will be safe

My local FFL will only accepts firearms, from another FFL. In fact, when in doubt regardless of the circumstances, go through an FFL. I once ran into a private seller that had a Sako rifle for sale and we agreed on the price. Right off, he stated that he would only sell through an FFL and he would pay the fee. This was in state and I had no issues with this requirement. We shook hands and we both walked away "happy".

Be Safe !!!
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