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I guess the diversity of opinions exonerates me from finding the right answer. I just need to come up with a right answer.
What is,IMO,illusion is that there is a right answer.

Hunting presents a whole lot of variables. One bullet may have a theoretical small advantage on one day with one animal at one particular anatomical presentation,and on a different day,the other bullet may have a theoretical advantage.

And on either day,a bullet causing trauma has a mind of its own. Results will vary.

While I tend to prefer heavier bullets,myself,and I tend to use a 160 in the 7mm Rem Mag,I CAN make a reasonable,data based argument in favor of the 140's (and I'll still use 160's)

If I start with the premise that I want an arbitrary impact velocity of 2000 fps to make the bullet perform

And if I consider my load manual shows I can get 3300 fps with a 140 gr bullet and 3000 fps with a 160 gr bullet

The 160 gr bullet has a BC of 475 and the 140 has a BC of 435,

The 160 will shed velocity at a slightly slower rate than the 140. It begins "catching up". But 3300 vs 3000 is a pretty good gap.

I don't want to get too wrapped up in transcribing data,but the 140 will hold above 2000 fps about 100 yds farther. Its approximately 500 yds vs 600 yds,favoring the 140.

I,myself,would not consider shooting at an elk at 500 or 600 yds. Therefore,for myself,those parameters are moot.Still,I DO look at what range a bullet becomes slower than the velocity recommended by the bullet manufacturer for expansion. That max range of bullet performance might be more important on more moderate cartridges,starting out at say,2600 fps.

A 160 might have the edge for reliable penetration if some bone is hit.

But lets not forget we are talking about a 20 gr bit of lead difference.

Its amusing if people get in an impassioned argument over a 165 gr 30-06 bullet vs a 150 or a 180. Its 15 gr of lead! Half a 22 short bullet!!

I don't think its ever going to make the difference between a drop dead kill and a 1/2 mile tracking job.

I forget,is the recipient of these loads your brother in law? Close enough.

If your BIL has a preference,if he likes 140's,lets honor his preference and give him 140's. Neither bullet is the "wrong "choice.

In Life,often there is one "right" path. Sometimes,adverse.

But doggone,we need some venues whee "My Preference" is all the reason you need.

Like the beer you like. You know what hair color gets your attention.

I'm old and slow,so I like a close working French Brittany for a bird dog. I'm not into running 150 yards because a far ranging German Shorthair is on point.

That is not a put down of German Shorthairs.Its a recognition of my own shortcomings.


If your BIL places that 140 he will be cutting meat.

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