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Originally Posted by jmr40 View Post
Don't overthink this, or let your BIL do so either. The difference in drop at 400 yards between 140's and 175's is only a couple of inches. It's hard to see 2" at 400 yards. I'd be looking at the 160's.

The downside to using a lighter bullet is that MV is going to be around 3200 fps. Most standard bullets don't do so well with impact speeds much over 2800 fps. Many will over expand and give less than adequate penetration.

A 140 doesn't slow down to 2800 fps until 200 yards. The 160's start at about 2900 and are under 2800 at less than 100 yards. And at 400 yards the 140 is only impacting about 20-25 fps faster even with a 300 fps head start.

The Partition does better than most, but I'd be concerned about over expansion at close range with that bullet.

I've used 30 caliber partitions and their accuracy has more than adequate at "normal" hunting ranges. I've shot more accurate bullets, but not enough for it to be an issue.
You dont have to worry about the Partition at 3200 FPS. Its good for direct shoulder ball strike at that velocity
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