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Looking into a cap and ball

I've been thinking of possibly getting my first cap and ball revolver. I like the .36 caliber (don't want a .44) but I need some recommendations/ideas on make, model, etc. There are some out there with a 5.5" barrel which caught my eye (I already have a 7.5" Redhawk.)

A buddy of mine has a Pietta .44 of some sort that I have shot. It was fun but my goodness the cylinder sure gummed up fast. After twice around it won't index w/o removing the thing and cleaning it. I'm familiar enuf with the cleaning process of these guns but is it normal to only get 12 shots from the cylinder before having to remove it and clean it? That seems to be the only real drawback to me. I'm not sure but we may have been using real BP instead of a substitute. BTW, I'm kinda looking for an entry level gun like a Pietta or Uberti or something like those. Any thoughts on this would really help. Thanx.

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