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Originally Posted by jimbob86 View Post
The Hot Hands hand warmers usually produce heat for 8 to 10 hours ..... they are great things to have if you have kids in a blind with you .... it gives them hope and takes their mind off the cold .....

I am really surprised at how spoiled and soft we have become ..... a big screen TV? Seriously?????

Dress for the anticipated temps ...... keeping in mind that the very young, the infirm, and the old can't deal with it as well as the young, healthy, fit people can .....

.... I've been out sitting on a ruck with my back against a tree in the teens ..... sat in a hub blind many times when it's in single digits ...... Dress for it, but don't bundle up so tight on the walk in that you work up a sweat ..... you're toast once you are wet .... pack a blanket (kids brought summer weight sleeping bags to wrap up in), and a cushion to insulate your behind from the cold seat ..... bring some food, maybe a thermos of cocoa or coffee ..... and the most important thing: a positive mindset.....


A question for those who use various heaters: DO you ever worry that the deer will smell that stuff? I doubt burning propane is a normal smell in the woods ....
I have hunted miserable and I have hunted in comfort. Give me my choice and I prefer the latter.
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