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I saw this thread and had to sign up.

I am currently in my blind. 25 feet up. 8x8 enclosed insulated blind. Carpeted. Flat screen tv. LED lighting. 75 watt solar panel and a car battery for storage.

Heat - I have 2. A small propane with a 20 lbs bottle on the lower open air deck.

The second is a charcoal heater I built out of 28 inches of 6 inch square tubing with 1/4 inch wall. It had a top back exhaust stack - using 1 1/2 inch water pipe for a chimney. You must wrap the chimney with header tape. NOT because it gets too hot - it cools too much - and causes backdrafting.

It works great - delivering dry heat. No fogged windows like propane causes. The top gets about 240fb the sides 400f. A piece of sheet rock protects the wall.

I have 2 carbon monoxide alarms - one with a PPM readout. I can run all day with the windows closed and see zero readings on monoxide.

It takes an hour or so to get really comfortable when first lighting - so I cheat a bit with some propane.

It goes through about 12 briquettes an hour. 4 every 20 minutes. A 16 lbs bag lasts over two full days.
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