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Maybe I got a dud? Either way it's already returned. There is a lock box available that fits the Moultrie's.

We know who the trespasser is,(a new neighbor to the East) but need photo proof of them on my property and doing their crime. The local sheriff said he could not respond quick enough if I were to call and say they were out there now. I looked at the Spypoint product, but don't want to invest that kind of cash on this endeavor.

I walked the East property line today and found two more of my original survey markers that have been there since 1995 when we bought the land, pulled out/gone with incorrectly placed new posted signs 50 feet in on my property and also on an existing neighbors property too. My existing neighbor to the South has been here as long as us, but is uninterested in combating the infringement by the new neighbor to the East.
We had a surveyor offer to check the 1995 marker placements, they are/were correct per the deed. So I painted a few small trees that surround the old marker spot with an orange stripe, the trespasser has since cut those trees with a hand saw. This is why I have no doubt they's not hesitate to steal a camera if they spot one. There are no mature trees close enough to use for mounting a lock box so box or not they would likely just cut the tree.
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