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Bought a Moultrie A300i locally. Took it back today for a refund.
Read the little bit of instructions that came with it - was easy to set up.
First thing: the front cover cannot be secured shut. This is for security/trespassing purposes, don't need the perpetrator stealing the SD card so strike 1.
I then powered it up with 8 fresh batteries, inserted the SD card, set it to high res - 3 shots. Set it on the kitchen counter top, all lights on (even the adjoining rooms) Got 1 pic of the dog's tail wagging (not 3) after her doing multiple slow walks through the room.
Picture was fuzzy/grainy B & W. Strike 2.
So we took it and the dog outside where the sun was out and light snow cover on the ground.
Same results on both HI & LO res and single or three shots.
Strike 3.
Capt Rick,
I can only assume you have their higher end product(s). I'm not in the position to spend a lot as once I can provide photo proof of my trespasser to the police, I'll likely never use the thing again.
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