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I've shot so many critters with iron sights, I don't know where to begin, except at the beginning.

I wore out three BB guns before I was 14 and shot lots of red squirrels, frogs, and I hate to admit, tweeties. When I "graduated" firearms, my first rifle was a Stevens semi-auto and it shot rabbits, woodchucks, rats in "dumps" (they're all "sanitary landfills"... no rats and no shooting allowed. I finally scoped it and shot it at a range. That darned rifle didn't group better than 3" at fifty yards, but it killed lots of critters with iron sights at 15 to 20 yards in the woods. After targeting, I lost all faith in the rifle and traded it.

Later in my teen years, I managed to get a new Marlin 39A Mountie and put a receiver sight on it. That rifle would honestly hit a quarter with every shot at 50 yards. It was short but not especially light, so it held steadily and killed a lot of red squirrels high in the trees at camp and got more than it's share of rabbits elsewhere.

That Marlin was the last rifle that I've had that didn't wear a scope.
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